Wzrost EP by Fischerle is our latest 12th release. For the first time the digital release is published before the one on the CD, but don't worry - it will also join our hand-crafted releases at Qunabu Shop. Direct link to zip package Enjoy!

After ages of dub silence we're back again and proudly present two releases that contain artists from opposite ends of the world. Our 10th release is by a young Russian artist from St. Petersburg namedSiprut who published the EP Bridge to Macrocosmos. Following our eastern friend, we introduce a USA native: The Strain of Anain from the Twin Peaks area, Seattle, WA. 
One can try to find similarities between those distant cities by experiencing our music. 
You can purchase handcrafted publishing for 3 Euro at our shop site: or download

New EP released from UK based artist Hoax. Check out in releases.
Crafted CD limited edition is available at shop

After ages of absence we're back. Finally we've launched Qunabu Shop where you can get limited editions of our releases. First is our local friend Stendek with smashing sounds of Qunabu EP. Check out this fresh stuff in releases.
Shop is available at

Peak and friends deliver some fine dub-house tracks on limited marbled vinyl courtesy of the fast rising Ornaments label from Berlin. Originally released by Qunabu. Buy it here: BTW. Peak and Qunabu co-founder Hatti Vatti will perform live on Netaudio Festival in Berlin.

Due to server errors [qnb007] zip file was corrupted. We apologize for causing inconveniences. Direct link to ZIP here.

We are proud to announce the release of long-awaited consecutive part of the leading Qunabu dub-label compilation - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Dub Band 2". This time it's a set of 12 tracks made by artists from all over the world, namely from Canada, Turkey, Argentina, France, Portugal, Croatia, Germany, Italy and Poland. Expressly for this occasion premiere pieces were made by artists like Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, Segue, Peak or Echo_TM. Assorted dub artists have created tracks especially for the occasion, perfectly conveying the big idea behind the label: to present dub music in the broadest understanding of the term. Like the previous edition, this record aims to show the whole spectrum of minimal-dub-techno phenomenon, inspired by sounds from Berlin and Detroit. This one is a must for all lovers of smoky, technical, post-jamaican vibes. Click here to check this [qnb007] release.

Fresh Qunabu Update! New realise from Fabienne, called 'Kleptomania' [qnb006] Fabienne - Kleptomania. Click here to check [qnb006] release.

Fresh Qunabu Update! New realise from Fabienne, called 'Kleptomania' [qnb006] Fabienne - Kleptomania. Click here to check [qnb006] release.

New Qunabu releases! Massive dubstep tunes on EP from Misk, and smashing minimal dubz from 77 (with Dub Suite remix straight from Berlin).
[qnb004] 77 - Schlummerlieds. Click here to check [qnb004] release.
[qnb005] Misk - Pathos. Click here to check [qnb005] release.

Get the awesome "You Never Bike Alone DVD" with soundtrack from two Qunabu artists. Officially launching in North America on 1st June at the beginning of Vancouver Bike Month!

We jest record some vocals for (Boskey's solo project) Hatti Vatti debut album. Stay tuned for more infos and samples!

New album in releases !!! [qnb003] - Descansar Um Bocadinho from portugal artist OCP. Click here to check this release.

Our releases where played on We're included into few mixtapes : 
13S Mixtape - link, click here
Deepmitch - link, click here
Kaśka Paluch - link, click here

Boskey and NN took part in production of canadian movie "You Never Bike Alone". 
DVD soon in stores, check more info on

Some on-line reviews:
Dubflash - link, click here
Soth zine - link, click here
Culture Dub - link, click here

New artists joined our label

2 more EP's are in the production phase.

"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Dub Band" is the new release from the netlabel. Assorted Polish artists have created tracks especially for the occasion, perfectly conveying the big idea behind the label: to present DUB music in the broadest understanding of the term. The EP manages quite remote branches of this music on one disc, all of them steming from the same DUB root, including both near-reggae, pulsating tracks and minimal, almost technical sounds. This first EP in a series (the form of the international follow-up is crystalising) is a good way to get to know various incarnations of Polish DUB scene: you can find there Echo_TM, famous for their outstanding debut EP (and great solo albums), as well as Ars Deco recording for the legendary Echocord (a Kompakt sublabel) and other interesting artists.
Dubwise - no compromise!

We have released a brand new LP. This album comes from polish producer NN and it is called "Bugs Are Welcome". Activity of this project is focused around minimal and ambient abstractions. Inspired by work of Chain Reaction and Mille Plateaux NN decided to merge dub climate with ambient space our way, limiting to minimum amount of ornaments of composition to deeper and more abstractive content.
You are welcome to download this and listen . 
Soon we release more LP's and EP's in rather more DUB style.

At last, we have started our web site - Netlabel. To get more information about our profile please check "info".